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    Shareef El-Hamawy


      The add ingredients extention is great.
      I have one question….
      I have this situation….

      In my menu there is a pasta section..
      I went the costomer to be able to choose the type of pasta (for free), Speghetti, Linguine, or Ziti
      with the ability to add grilled chicken ($3.00)

      How do I do This?

      I was able to do other kinds like in the pizza demo….

      Thanks in advance…

      Admin & Mod

        should be (reasonably) simple:
        add your spaghetti, linguine, ziti and chicken to the list of ingredients for that collection of meal sizes and set the pasta types to be 0.00 and the chicken to be 3.00

        add a couple of custom groups (one for the pasta types one for the chicken) as follows:

        set/add a pasta types custom group to be a group type of “one only” (radio input) as – presumably – you can only select one of those, add the pasta choices there, and assign to your pasta items

        use the second group to include the chicken choice – (set group type as appropriate) and also add/assign that to the relevant menu items…

        does that help?

        Shareef El-Hamawy

          will try that and let you know….

          BTW do you ever sleep ?

          Admin & Mod

            >BTW do you ever sleep ?
            sleep is overrated…

            Shareef El-Hamawy

              Great problem solved

              Thanks again

              Please close.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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