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    Shareef El-Hamawy

      Can you do the following with the Google Cloudprint?

      1. print using landscape
      2. change to any paper size (customize paper size)
      3. print multiple copies

      Admin & Mod

        >Can you do the following with the Google Cloudprint?

        probably, but doesn’t really have anything to do with the plugin, but more with the printer setup i would have thought


          I use cloud print extension and everything works fine but when I set printer to A5 the order page size dose not change and the A4 size printed on A5 page.
          How can I set the page size in extension?

          Admin & Mod

            >How can I set the page size in extension?
            you can’t (that question has also already been answered in the reply above your post I would have thought)

            PS: I did actually look into whether it is possible to do that in the plugin, but having searched for hours it seems it is not…
            Of course, if someone finds some API parameter that would be able to do that I would happily integrate it into the plugin though
            (Btw, I am NOT talking about an Android App/Implementation/API btw, but a php way)



              I know this sepcial kind of problem. I had a customer on other pizza-system. He wanted to print his invoices in A5-Format. I contacted so much experts and asked them. Everybody told me that this is not possible. Because the cloud-services only can accept the file-transfer via A4 Format. Then I wanted to do this with Fax-format but, faxes are sent only in A4, too..

              The only chance is:
              We bought a netbook and used it like mail server. On this netbook we installed thunderbird and created filter-rules for automatic printing by incoming e-mails. On the printer settings we setup: print everytime on a5… now it prints on a5 and bon-printer-format, too…

              Short summarizing: You can not print a5 via cloud this is technically not possible. You need a local pc/server to let do this….

              Admin & Mod

                glad someone can confirm this apparent impossibility

                (although I would have thought that some printers at least let you set a default print size and size to fit or something – but i might be wrong)

                i don’t think this is true anymore – at least as of Jun 2018 from what i can tell – please see further down in this thread


                  Yes you are right, I called on phone with hp and brother, the printer can only print what comes into the printer as printsize/format, there is no fix option by manufacturer (No manucafturer settings for printing same size in printerOS!) to print all the time same size..

                  so you need a mailserver between webserver and printer..

                  Admin & Mod

                    I feel i need to add to this thread.
                    Maybe because we are in 2018 now and things have changed technologically, or maybe the assertions made above were never exactly correct to start off with (this is not a judgement on either, just an observation)

                    I do not believe it is true to say “cloudprint does not print in A5” (or similar)
                    However, it *might* well be true to say “my printer model xyz does not support cloudprint” and prints some random sizes regardless of what i do .

                    To demonstrate: see the following picture (a bit blurred but it should be clear enough).

                    This is the same order sent 3 times to the cloudprint printer (an epson wf-26something)
                    and simply setting the paperfeed on the printer to be A4, A5, and A6 respectively ( printed on A4 paper to better demonstrate the difference.)
                    No other changes – i.e to the print template css for example – were made.

                    You can clearly see that you can print in whatever sizes if your printer is properly compatible and does not try to print A4 for example if it is an A5 printer

                    Admin & Mod

                      And while I am at it, here’s another take on how to get things to be printed smaller, simply leaving the default printer page setup as is (in that case A4), but setting the print template css (Wppizza->templates) to be 25% and font-size to 8px like so

                      (i.e we are in reality looking at A6 somewhat , and one should simply be able to decrease the width and/or font sizes for smaller formats I would have thought)

                      html,body,table,tbody,tr,td,th,span{font-size:8px;font-family:Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif;margin:0;padding:0;text-align:left;}
                      table{width:25%;margin:0 0 10px 0;}
                      ... more css ..

                      would probably benefit from some tweaking for your particular scenario , but you’ll get the idea

                      cloudprint template adjust

                      Admin & Mod

                        In a nutshell, what I am trying to say here is that the plugin simply prints to cloudprint as instructed, what your printer makes out of it the wppizza cloudprint plugin has no control over

                        If – for example – your printer can only print A5 but decides to try to print A4 from a file sent to it , you should shout at the printer manufacturer and ask for your money back if they claim the printer is cloudprint compatible.
                        This really is not a wppizza cloudprint plugin issue or fault.

                        Admin & Mod

                          One more test results:
                          using a page of A5 (as I didn’t have one ,I simply cut a A4 in half.)
                          put this A5 in printer, set printer to print at A5 — et voila (A4 next to it as comparison)
                          no template modifications were done

                          cloudprint A5

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