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      After having his meals, customer shall receive en email to give a rating for the food and delivery.
      After about an hour of placing an order (also pre orders time must be considered) the customer shall receive an email with a link to give a rating for it.
      Administrator must be able to delete or deactivate the ratings. A change shall not be possible by any one accept the owner of the ratting.
      Rating form
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      2. Text field
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        I’m using the plugin Multi-Rating implemented directly to each product on site. By sending mails, most of the customers do not react, or mails land in the spam folder. So useless and in Germany (I suppose you are in Germany cause I was reading some of your topics) you have the problem with unsolicited mails, which could be legally prosecuted.
        Perhaps this tip is something for you ?

        Admin & Mod

          Hi con25,

          thanks for making a suggestion here (and I totally agree with the whole spam thing. i get loads of those “rate our service/rental/holiday ….whatever” and i find them some of the most annoying things I can think of, especially when they insist on sending you more than one in intervals)

          on top of that , and in response to the original request ( mubi, i sent this to you directly too, but just in case someone else comes across this topic):

          amongst other reasons, I neither have the time or indeed too much interest to program this sort of thing.

          In any case, doing this from scratch would take quite a lot of time and without a doubt the better approach I would have thought would be to use one of the many ratings plugin already available and adapt as required.
          However, I don’t really have too much interest in dissecting other peoples code and hack around in there…

          having said that, if this kind of thing will be requested by numerous people in the future I will revisit this particular idea, but for the moment, there are quite a number of other things that I would like to do first which would be more useful (and are more frequently requested) than this, so it’s not really going to happen from my end anytime soon (if ever)


          PS: if someone else however wants to contribute/do this sort of thing in a separate plugin somewhat, i’d be happy to link to it or something….


            Hello Con25,
            thanks very much for your suggestion. I will definitely give it a try. Regarding E-Mails in Germany you are absolutely right. A single illegally sent E-Mail can, in worst case destroy your business. This is why we want to send E-Mail only to the person who ordered a meal from our website. Only he is the recipient and will rate the quality of food and service to help others to decide. It is not illegal.
            Hello Olly,
            thanks also to you for your clear words. As I mentioned in the lines above, we are not going to send any spam to any one. For that purpose I am sure you don’t need WP-Pizza.
            Most of my requests here are sent here also for the purpose to help others to get a solution in case of having a same problem.


              Hi mubi, your request is valid for each country of the world, but in particular not for Germany and Austria. For to send mails you have to ask for allow to collect data from customer and also work on double-opt-in basis. In fact as Olly said, it will complicate all our lives… It is better you implement a social link possibility for the customer to rate and propagate your site, by customers efforts themselves. All you are doing by yourself as seller you need to ask for permission before and than let customer also decides whenever he wants to cancel his permissions given (to send emails in this case).

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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