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      Sorry Olly,
      I remember during my test of your very useful plugins, that there is a way to show & change in 2 text boxes the minimum delivery and pickup times in admin order history.
      Now I can’t see the boxes but only the list of orders? Please help me. What have I to set?
      Thank you in advance.

      Kim Koldtoft

        Hey Olly.

        I have recently retired my old wp-pizza 2.X and replaced it with Version 3.X on two sites. (I did not update, I just build a new site with 3.0)

        However, I forgot that I have a ton of coupon codes on the old site (several hundred).

        Is there a way to move them from the old site to the new? They are running on separate servers and databases, so I can still access the old site (with the coupon codes).

        Any tips or links to a guide on this, would be much appreciated.

        Thank you.

        Admin & Mod

          you can try to move the wppizza_cad_coupons and wppizza_cad_discounts options in your options table to the new options table
          HOWEVER, the references to your pages/menu items (id’s) will most probably be wrong but if you have a screenshot / access to your old site it should not be too much work to re-create thing selecting the required pages/items (though really depends on your previous setup)

          at least copying those settings will get you a starting point (most likely you’ll have a ton of phpnotices though until you re-save those new settings)

          not much more i can suggest i’ afraid

          Kim Koldtoft

            Thank you Olly.

            One more question.

            Is there a way to have two sites running on the same coupons, so that the coupons work for both shops, but if a “one time code” is used in one shop, it stops working in the other shop too. (and vice versa). So for example if they make a free pizza coupon code for a customer, he can use it in any of the shops, but obviously not get several free pizzas.

            As I am writing this, I realize that this will probably require both sites to also have the same product and user tables or something like that at least.

            Admin & Mod

              you pretty much answered your own question . (there ar =e likely to be a bunch of other setting that would need to be the same across sites…)
              at a minimum, you will also have to synchronise the coupon codes across sites (and keep them synched) as they will keep track of the usage of codes.
              and even if you manage to do all that , it would only work – if at all – in a multisite setup as multisites share user tables/ids

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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