SMS and Printer Integration

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    Robert Kraft

      I just finished integrating this online order printer with wp-pizza:

      Online orders in wp-pizza automatically get printed in the restaurant and the printer makes a sound until order is confirmed or rejected. Restaurant replies by entering the time when the food is ready (or planned delivery time) into the printer. Customer gets notification via email and sms when the order is ready for pickup (or expected delivery time).

      Anyone interested in the PHP-code can contact me on robert.kraft[at]



        Hi there

        Great to find someone who has got an SMS printer working with this plugin

        Would love to check out the code behind it



          Hi Robert

          I too would love to know more about your progress. This is a great plugin but without the interface with a GRPS printer I could not use it commercially.

          Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
          P.S. Already have bought a GPRS printer


            Great my friend.

            Am interested of using this. Please tell me more about your progress.


            Admin & Mod

              in case any of you guys are still following this thread/topic (or anyone else for that matter that reads this)

              i am trying to develop something that at least sends an sms to a gprs printer as well as some order notifications to a phone too (either being optional)

              however, due to the fact that i haven’t got one of those printers and am no going to buy one as I personally have no need for it, it would be great if someone would be willing to be a bit of a guinea pig for testing some things (in return for a version of that plugin of course when it’s done)

              it’s early days, and probably not – initially anyway – going to be a 2 way thing (i.e receive sms, enter time , send back sms etc. as that – from what i can see – depends on proprietary hardware)

              for starters though the idea is to – at least – send any received orders to a gprs enabled printer directly plus an sms confirmation to some sms enabled phonenumber …..

              there are a few caveats but i am happy to point these out if someone is prepared to initially “lend” me a printer so to speak i can send stuff to (i.e is prepared to waste some paper) to see and check how things print out to be able to make the necessary adjustments to get going on that project



                Hi Robert

                Great to find someone who has got an SMS printer working with this plugin.
                I too would love to check out this plugin/code behind.



                  Olly, how are things comming along with this?

                  Robert, can you share the code? (Did also sent you an e-mail)


                  Admin & Mod

                    Hi Lars,

                    somewhat I think Robert has fallen off the face of the planet (at least I don’t know of anyone who got a reply)

                    in any case, what exactly do you need it to do? Just send an SMS to a printer when an order gets received or some sort of 2-way “conversation” with a customer ?

                    reason why I am asking is that I do have a working version here, but it’s not yet as complete as I would like it to be.
                    However, if you are prepared to be a bit of a guinea pig I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of testing with your SMS printer (as I do not have or indeed need one) and get some feedback as to what it looks like for starters (in return you’d get the plugin naturally)

                    having said that , as there will always be carrier costs involved, what I have here utilises the tm4b ( sms gateway.
                    not sure if the prices they charge would be suitable for you .
                    what country are you in ?

                    if i am guessing correctly and you are in Denmark, they charge 0.04 GBP per/sms . Don’t know if that is a competitive/acceptable price where you are though…


                      Hi Olly

                      I got a reply from Robert.
                      We need a printer that works with http and basically does what Roberts solution does. Some back-end flow will still have to be change or extended even with that solution (i.e. transaction roll back as we talked about).

                      We have decided to go with your plugin since it has all the extensions we need.
                      We will do an initial roll out with eight restaurants within the next 5-6 weeks.
                      It is possible I can write you an e-mail or PM and explain our flow and requirements and we can see what you can help us with and what we will have to do our self (or with external help)?

                      Best regards,

                      Admin & Mod

                        >We need a printer that works with http …
                        well, that’s got nothing to do with SMS at all then…oh well.
                        if you have a printer that connects to the net, you can do all sorts of other things (cloudprinting etc)

                        >It is possible I can write you an e-mail …
                        probably the best idea. no need for those kind of conversations to fill up stuff here as it won’t really help anyone
                        => dev[at]


                          I have bought a wifi/gprs/sms printer. It is the same model Robert had bought but I got the model that also has wifi. If you still need help testing I would be happy to do that for you. It would great to get a solution to get this thing working.

                          Admin & Mod

                            for anybody reading this, please add your comments here


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