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    Hi Olly,

    My client will shortly be re-opening their restaurant (post covid-19 lockdown) and wppizza already works well for their takeaway orders so I was hoping we could use it to handle their new dining-in scenario too. i.e. social distancing, no physical menus, limited seat capacity.

    Currently takeaways can be ordered via their website on a smartphone using wppizza, pay cash or credit card and all orders are printed at the bar via google cloudprint (I’m aware that is ending in Dec but still looking into that).

    Ideally, a WPPizza “Table Ordering” extension would:

    1) Let customers book tables (like to specific time-slots and table numbers.
    2) Let customers order food (possibly in advance from home but also in restaurant) on their tablet/phone but only when their booking is accepted and will be tied to their time slot/table.
    3) A new payment option of “Pay by card (in restaurant)”
    4) The ability to append to an on-going order (a tab), e.g. desserts, coffees and extra drinks, tip etc..
    5) Maybe some secure way all the customers at a table can place their orders rather than 1 person doing it all, maybe a unique code can be generated for the booking that can be sent to all customers on that table?
    6) A way to handle the different prices and processing for dining-in vs takeaway. A completely separate menu and ordering history screen might be best?

    There may be some workarounds to achieve some of these, e.g.
    Use a separate table booking plug-in
    And a 2nd (or multi-site) install of wppizza for dining-in
    Use pre-order for booking slots and add a custom field to the order form for table no.
    Rename “Pay by credit on delivery” to “Pay in restaurant”

    Initially the restaurant will just have a pdf version of their menu on the website and will take orders at the table but it could be so much easier with a table ordering extension for wppizza.

    Not sure if you have any other suggestions for workarounds? Though to have a table-ordering extension would still be great.



    I would also be interested in this one. We have been using wppizza for takeaway which has been brilliant and now opening up our decking and garden areas for dining in so looking at options. Would rather not run 2 different systems!



    This would be great. Another vote for this extension.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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