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    Patrick Junod

      Hi Olly,
      I’m having two issues with the timeslots and I don’t know what I can do for that:

      We have those opening times:
      Opening Times

      And those closing times:
      Closing Times

      In our preorder settings, we defined that:
      – Min prep time is 20 minutes after opening
      – Min prep time for delivery is 40 min after opening
      – Applies on re-opening as well

      Issue 1: The first available timeslot of any day after the midday closing is 18:50 and not 18:10 as it should be (Midday closed until 17:30 + 40 minutes -> 18:10 and not 18:50)

      Issue 2: We want to accept orders for delivery 40 min after opening, and 20 for pickup – but it looks like the 2 params for that don’t have any impact on the first timeslot available. Example: If a client wants to pickup, he should be able to do select a timeslot 20 min after opening time. If he wants delivery, 40 mins.

      Any suggestions ?

      Best regards,

      Admin & Mod

        first of all, without a url where I can see things, I cannot really comment I’m afraid.
        Furthermore, your third screenshot above is also missing the settings at the top of that page, which have an influence on how things work.
        Lastly (for now): is the plugin up to date / latest version ?

        Patrick Junod

          Hi Olly,

          Thank you for your answer. Here a screenshot with all settings for the preorder extension:

          For the plugins, here are the versions:
          WPPizza – 3.18.3
          WPPizza Preorder – 3.8.1

          URL is sent in a second reply

          Patrick Junod
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            Admin & Mod

              Thanks for the details – helps a lot.

              Referring to your original post:
              >Issue 2
              I can reproduce the same thing here and agree it’s not doing what it is supposed to be doing
              Am pretty certain this worked as intended at some point, so something got lost somewhere in an update. My fault and will be fixed asap (later today / tomorrow I would have thought)

              >Issue 1
              (assuming here the “issue 2” problem being fixed)
              This works as it should from what I can make out.
              I.e opening at 17:30.
              preparation time 40 minutes , minutes after opening 40 min
              == total 80 min after 17:30 opening -> 18:50

              point being: if you are saying delivery takes 40 minutes and preparation takes 40 minutes, customer will not be able to receive anything before 80 minutes after (re)opening .

              The reason why there’s a pickup/delivery distinction in preparation times is because someone asked for it at some point, but I cannot remember why this made sense to be honest. Suffice to say I would not have added it if the case had not been made to do so.
              In any event, you can of course set the times as they suit you and – I admit – the explanation next to each option could be more descriptive . I’ll see what I can do there.

              Patrick Junod

                Hi Olly,
                Thanks for your quick answer and support !

                Yeah for issue 1, I also tried with setting the prep time for delivery and pickup to 0 but it was also saying 18:50. I’ll wait for the fix on issue 2, maybe that will do the trick !

                Thanks again,
                Best regards,

                Admin & Mod

                  So, I’ll have an update later today for this.
                  That said, just ignore my explanation regarding “>Issue 1” above. That’s not how it works and what I said is simply wrong.
                  The time do NOT get added to each other but are independent

                  i.e “Minutes after opening” applies only to the (re)opening times. (e.g opening at 8:00, 45min time set, 8:45 earliest available. once it’s later that that , the 45min become irrelevant)

                  Preparation times: always added to current time as earliest available slot (provided shop is open).
                  Naturally, “minutres afer openeing” and “Preparation times” might compete – so to speak – early in the day , so longest delay will apply

                  above just as a – hopefully understandalbe – explanation how this works if someone reads this thread

                  Patrick Junod

                    Hi Olly,

                    Thanks for your feedback. The new version corrected the second issue that we had.

                    For the first issue, what I was expecting is that we can have multiple choices for when we can take delivery.

                    For example, someone that order and pick its meal at the restaurant can come get it 20 min after ordering (thus the 20min after opening delay).

                    For someone that request delivery, we have the transportation to do, and that can go up to 40 min (prep 20min + delivery). <- this part is the one that we can’t do currently if I understood and tested correctly.

                    What could work is having 2 differents “minute after opening” settings: one for pickup and one for delivery.


                    We are using the zip code plugin as well on this website, the best solution would be that we define delivery time per zip code on the zip code plugin, and that when a user select delivery, the timeslots options adapts accordingly to the user zip code (Opening + Zip Code defined delivery time). But that would be a feature request and not an issue 😉

                    Thanks for your support and quick fixes,

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