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      Yesterday there were some issues with a payment provider, a lot of orders with payment_status INPROGRESS. Those orders keep their timeslot locked, so when the payment issues were fixed it was still impossible to order for most timeslots because we have the limit set at 3. I temporarery raised the limit to get all running again.

      Today again someone with issues locked a certain timeslots 2 times. Order status is NEW, payment_status INPROGRESS. I was able to free the timeslots by deleting some entries in the wppizza_orders_meta table.

      Is this a bug or by design? What is the best way to free up the locked timeslots?

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          INPROGRESS orders are exactly that, so must block the timeslot as they could be completed anytime – typically in seconds/minutes but it’s not guaranteed as it depends on user as well as gateway (inter)action.

          Of course, if there are issues with your payment provider , than that’s something they need to fix. I have no influence over their system.

          In short, what you are describing is by design and there are no plans to “fix it” as there’s nothing to fix from my end from what I can see


            I understand your point. Thanks for the reply.

            Only thing I could think is some sort of timeout for orders that are INPROGRESS. But it is only for odd situations where the payment provider has issues indeed, but you probably have other things that can get more importance.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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