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      I try to use the plugin in multisite and multi language.
      I use the Loco plugin for translation. For the frontend, the translation does not use the .mo file. That is true ?
      I have to go through the settings > localization. Ok … but not very practical in my configuration.
      Is it possible to load into settings > localization translations .mo?
      I would like if the administrator changes the language, it does not need to translate everything into settings> localization.
      For exemple, I change the language to French, and if I go to settings > localization, it load the .mo file and everything is in French. No need to re-translate.
      Is it possible ? With WPML ?

      Admin & Mod

        >For the frontend, the translation does not use the .mo file. That is true ?
        no, when installing, the translation initially inserted/used comes from mo file. once installed however you cam change it as you like and the mo file does not get used anymore for those localization strings.

        for this to work in french though , you (someone) would have to translate it into french of course, otherwise the default strings in wppizza->localization will be in english as there is no french to insert

        >Is it possible to load into settings > localization translations .mo?
        see above


          OK if I understand :
          I’m the super administrator and my language is french. I create a new website B in spanish. If the administrator of website B go to settings > localization, all translations will be in Spanish automatically. But if he change language to english, translations stay in Spanish and he will have to insert the English translations manually. The .mo files are used only the first time, when installing.
          Is it correct ?

          Admin & Mod

            not quite.
            if you *add* english as a second language, the english default strings get inserted into the string translation of wpml. once they are inserted there you can change those too in the string translation. As with all other languages, the frontend strings only get used the first time you add a new language, after that you can edit them in wppizza->localization or WPML

            furthermore, the mo file of course still gets used for all other admin translations (i.e explanations as to what options do etc).

            PS: The plugin supports WPML, I do not know anything about what your LOCO plugin does or whether it is WPML compatible

            Admin & Mod

              PPS: in your scenario it seem to me irrelevant that your language is french , as you are saying you are creating a website in spanish and add english


                Loco is a simple plugin to edit and save .mo files. (
                I would avoid using WPML because I want a simple solution.
                PPS : yes … indeed.
                I’m trying your plugin for a a project and I think it will be a good solution. I’ll need extensions and paypal gateway, but for now I’m testing. It’s a good work !

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