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    Amila Gedara

    Hi How can I configure this if restaurant want to make a deal like this “2 medium 3 top 4 drinks – $20.20

    what I did was I created a menu item saying ” 2 medium 3 top 4 drinks ” then I assigned the toppings for one pizza but when I try to configure 2nd pizza with group level I can do it bcs I have already assigned the my toppings into 1st pizza using costomerize group

    basically I need to to create one item like “2 medium 3 top 4 drinks – $20.20” and I need to select crsust sauces and toppings for both pizzas prices for $ 20.20

    how can I do it. this is the only place I go stucked other than that so far so good


    one more request please can you create select all button above the ingredient selections other wise if I have 72 toppings I need to go one by one every time

    I need help for my above question .. 2nd request you can do with next update

    Admin & Mod

    sorry, but i simply do not understand what “2 medium 3 top 4 drinks ” is supposed to be

    in any event, you cannot assign a pizza to another pizza (i.e somewhat conditionally chain them) and have them both being able to have a topping selection too.

    Of course with some creative thinking one *can* of course do some special offers of some sort and putting a whole menu together, but only up to a point as that’s not what this plugin is for.
    (That, said, I am just guessing that’s what you are after as it’s not clear to me from your post)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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