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    Hi Guys

    I am looking around in this forum and seems that everybody uses goodcom.
    Can GoodCom reject/accept orders without using sms function?
    And where do you guys buy the printer from?

    Thanks in advance



    Or maybe some sort of android(phone/tablet) connected to a thermal printer, would that be possible, and how would you do this?


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    i guess people get the printers from here (at least I know some do )

    some of the printers (but I do not know if all) DO support an accept/reject function and some will support WiFi as well as SMS (and some only WiFi, you’d have to look at a particular printers specification)

    however, the wppizza plugin itself does not “listen/talkto” – so to speak – to the printer rejecting/accepting/receiving an order.
    That said , I am in the middle of finalizing an addon (tested with the GT6000 as well as the newer GT90, so one would think it would work with other reasonably recent goodcom printers too) that will do that.

    Might be a week or two away though until this plugin will be released, as I need to tidy up a few things still

    hope that helps



    @silo I would recommend the Goodcom printers they are relatively easy to use after setup. You can use Wifi or sms and you can use reject/accept + give a time for delivery to orders.


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    a note an that front:
    as it is (ignoring the plugin i have been developing and talked about in my previous comment)
    the printer won’t do anything with wppizza without any custom coding to make it talk to it – unless i am very much mistaken …(which is always possible of course)

    just saying…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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