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    R. Das

    Hi Ollybach,

    WPPizza Add Ingredients – enhancement request:

    I would like to request some enhancements in the Ingredients Custom Groups on — add textbox to item — where:
    – this field can be made a mandatory field before being able to continue adding your item.
    – this group can be highlighted by a color so it is more visible. e.g. labels in a red color.
    – Labels — add textbox to item — only shown when there are multiple textbox Groups filled in. Would be nice if you can decide to have it visible or not. (in my case I’d like to see it each time, as it is not consistent at the moment in my current setup)

    OR of course an equivalent solution if there already exists one but that I was not able to figure out myself.

    Rajib Das

    Current update in use:


    Admin & Mod

    sorry, but i do not understand why a textbox where the customer might (or indeed might not) want to add arbitrary information would ever need to be mandatory.

    regarding labels
    as you can assign different/multiple textbox options to whatever menu item you wish (or not as the case may be)
    you can simply choose not to add and labels if you so desire

    not to mention, there are a ton css classes you could also use to selectively not display a certain element if you so desire (or highlight, or whatever else you can think of really on that front)


    R. Das

    Hi Olly,

    I’ve a business case where I use this wppizza plugin for a Sandwich Bar. Their customers are mostly big companies. For organization purposes, the person that enters the order (individual or in group), likes to add for each Sandwich their name (this is done in the ingredients popup), so that the Sandwich Bar can write this name on the outside of the wrapped (in paper) sandwich. The person that orders now can easily miss this text field. Imagine the result is a delivery of 15 fresh sandwiches delivered at the reception of the company without these names on… I hope this helps you understand my request 😉

    Regarding labels:
    If you only have 1 textbox filled in, even if it is saved with a label, it simply does not appear. We would like it to appear, even if it is only 1 textbox. I can email you a screenshot of my outcome if you like to get a better understanding.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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