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    Hi there.

    I read most of the posts here, but didn’t see anywhere mentioned this.
    I belive It would be nice to have an on-off option (or check box) (available – not available) for all products at a glance. Something like a product table depending on the category. So if an item has finished and it’s no longger available for some reason for the rest of the day, it shouldn’t be given the option to add it to cart, insted the system should give a message (written from us) for the reason it’s no longger available (something like out of stock), but remain on the “catalogue” (menu) on the page. Also the next oppening time of the “store” all “deactivated” items should return automatically on “available” status.

    Sorry for my english.


    Please add an option to round price after discount (or the total os discount) just like you have with taxes. e.g. 10.55$ => 10.60$

    One more think, is it possible to (show) print map (client’s address) in the e-mail or “print order”?

    Admin & Mod

    please do not start 3 completely different topics in one thread

    re 1) there is no stockmanagement that comes with wppizza, your “easiest” option would be to simply set items to draft in quickedit.
    you can probably also program something that would “re-publish” items at your next opening time.

    re 2) prices are already rounded, so i do not know what you are referring to unless there’s an issue somewhere i am not aware of

    re 3) there isn’t really any provision for that
    not to mention you’d have to geocode things first too


    Sorry for posting irrelevant topics.

    1.) The reason i said that is because right now the only way to set items “non available” is the way you say. But to do that we have to give ACCESS to the (lets say) “EDITOR” to edit items etc. On the other hand, if there was just a check box for the availability, it would be much easier. In any case that was just a request if it is posible. Nothing more, nothing less.

    2.) To me prices are not rounded, sure not after the discount.
    e.g. if total price of the cart is 10,10$, and my discount on any order is 10%, then 10% of 10,10$ is 1,01$ which means 10,10-1,01=9,09$. I’d like to round it and automatically be 9,10$. Is this possible?

    Admin & Mod

    re 1) wppizza is simply a – so called – custom post type of wordpress and that’s how wordpress works (i.e editor, admins etc etc ) regarding giving access to certain things for certain roles

    re 2) prices ARE rounded to the number of decimals your currency has/supports.
    if your currency supports/has 2 decimals, fractions will be rounded to 2 decimals if needed
    if your currency supports/has 3 decimals, fractions will be rounded to 3 decimals if needed
    if your currency does not support decimals, fractions will be rounded full integers

    This will not change.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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