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    Kim Koldtoft

      I am trying to set the “custom opening times” so the clients can not order for when my client’s restaurant is closed for Christmas. We still want them to be able to order during Christmas, but only for pickup after the restaurant’s are open again. (i think this is how it would work, if it would work)

      But it’s not working.

      I tried changing other settings and that works, but this just has no affect.
      I have tried in new browsers and clearing cache and hard-reloads etc.


      Any help will be much appreciated.

      Ps. I just migrated to a multi site setup, so I don’t know if that have done something…

      Admin & Mod

        Though I am reasonably sure this used to work just fine, I must have done something at some point that broke this as I get the same result here when using your settings.
        I’ll fix that asap in an update (hopefully in the next day or two). Will keep you posted here when i have some news on this front

        thanks for letting me know

        Kim Koldtoft

          Thank you.

          PS. Your Website (This website) sends me to a broken page on login every time from any pc. I use Chrome.

          It does log me in, but first it stalls for 30 sec or so and then I get a page.with this.. (then I can click back and I am logged in)


          This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

          Try clearing your cookies.


          Admin & Mod

            do you still get the same login issue issue if you clear your cookies (or perhaps disabling extensions – if any) ?

            Admin & Mod

              back to the issue at hand:

              this should now be fixed in v 2.4.1 of the preorder plugin

              thanks again for the notification about this

              Kim Koldtoft

                Thanks. I will update and try 🙂

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