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    Patrick Junod

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      I’ve observed a few aspects regarding the holiday settings, and I’d like to share them here. This also applies to the Preorder plugin, and I can post this on the extension forum if necessary:

      1. In the process of determining holidays, the system currently checks whether the shop is supposed to be open before it checks for holidays. Wouldn’t it be more logical for the shop to indicate that it’s on holiday, even if it would normally be closed at that time? This would ensure the correct message is displayed. (Refer to mod.openingtimes.holidays.php – around line 84)

      2. Regarding the system’s closure during holidays, wouldn’t it be more accurate to base this on the current date rather than the next scheduled opening time? (Refer to mod.openingtimes.holidays.php – around line 114)

      3. When the PreOrder plugin is active, the shop remains open for preorders. Is there a way to incorporate a holiday check to prevent preorders during holiday periods? (Refer to actions.php of the preorder plugin – around line 386)

      Thank you very much,
      I look forward to your feedback, and wish you a happy new year!

      Best regards,


        Dear Patrick,
        You’ve touched upon a valid point.
        If Olly responds positively to this request and implements another update, it would be really nice. This way, shop customers would see a notification indicating that the business is on holiday instead of the opening hours, and I believe that would be a sensible improvement.

        Admin & Mod

          re 1+2:
          you are ignoring the fact that opening times can cross midnight. So, no, on both counts

          re 3:
          The holidays option in the main plugin was added relatively recently and the current version of the preorder plugin does not account for that. I completely agree that I need to account for the holidays settings there too.
          Thanks for pointing that out (Cannot give you a distinct ETA yet as to when this will be done, but hopefully not before too long)

          >….I can post this on the extension forum if necessary…
          No need, but thank you for the consideration

          Admin & Mod

            PS: I’ll double check the messages displayed though. (1) Never really looked at that in too much detail I believe

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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