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    Kim Koldtoft

      This is a followup on this closed thread.

      I have been in contact with mailgun support and supplied them with screenshots from the log files.

      They claim (and this seems to be supported by the log files) that they are receiving the email twice (like it’s two different emails). This is the reply that I got from them.

      Thanks for providing this information. From what is provided, these messages are not duplicates, in the sense our system created 2 of the same message, but rather, are unique sends of the same message to our system.  The message-IDs differ, and thus, indicate each messages was a separate request made to our system.
      Please let us know if you have any questions.

      Here are the screenshots of the email log files from mailgun.

      Admin & Mod

        depending on your mail (order emails templates etc ) setup , this might well be the case
        and might not necessarily constitute an error

        Kim Koldtoft

          In my WP-Pizza order settings I have the shop email address set.. (like [email protected])

          Then I am using the WP-Pizza template settings to send this email to a normal gmail (like [email protected])

          It’s this 2nd email that is sent twice to mailgun, on what seems to be completely random orders. (which in terms means it’s being printed twice in the shop)

          And this is my email server settings

          Are there any log files or anything like that I can check, to find out what is causing this problem?

          Admin & Mod


            you are sending 4 emails (at least)
            one to the customer and one (or more) to “additional email addresses”
            for reasons only you will know you are NOT sending any to your shop ….
            edit: sorry that’s not true. i was expectting this to be wppizza v3.x . you are of course using an old version there

            there’s also one more to the shop (email no 3) + another to some gmail account (in your template that sends to the shops – email no 4)

            it makes no difference what you have set there as it’s not enabled

            Kim Koldtoft

              That all sounds right 🙂

              The only one that I am having trouble with is

              + another to some gmail account (in your template that sends to the shops – email no 4)

              That is the one I am sending to a normal account (This one) and that is the one that is randomly being sent twice.

              Ps. I will for sure be updating to 3.0 and adding a 2nd locations to this shop. I would just really like to solve this problem, so my client can stop calling me and complaining that I am double printing orders.

              Admin & Mod

                obviously, the programming of the plugin doesnt randomly change to send 2/duplicate emails for no reason
                do you have any customised coding somewhere ? perhaps something using the on order execute hook ?
                how are you “printing” things ? wppizza doesnt do any printing (unless you are using the cloudprint plugin, in which case: did you do anything with the filters in that one ?)

                what i can say though is that of the 1000’s of users of the plugin not once has this been reported (other than by yourself of course)

                Kim Koldtoft

                  There is no custom coding, and I have ruled out the printing being a problem, as I can see two emails in the inbox and in mailgun. So it’s only printing two copies, because there is actually two emails.

                  I totally get what you are saying and I have no doubt it’s something that I am some how at least partially responsible for.

                  One thing that I did suspect that it could be, is that we have implemented a payment gateway called which may have required some custom coding in the integration. Maybe the callback from Quickpay is somehow responsible for causing the mail to be sent twice. However in my mind, I ruled that out, as I concluded it would result in two orders being placed, and not just two emails being sent, for the same order.

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